Fairy Tales, Heartbreaks, Consequences and Experiments: Part One


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From the time little girls are born they are bombarded with tales of “Happily Ever After” and the elusive Prince Charming that rides his trusty white steed into our hearts.  It made us all dreamy-eyed, gave us something to look forward to, and a blatant lie to believe in.

In real life Cinderella would have been the LAST girl Prince Charming would have approached because, in this day in age, men rarely do the approaching.

Snow White would have stayed unconscious because her Prince would have been too busy having an affair with her stepmother.

However, in the fairytale myth, there is a bit of truth.  Every woman really does deserve to be treated as a lady.

In addition, and maybe the most surprising, every true life “Princess” seems to lock herself away in a tower, in a glass case or in a never-ending sleep.  We use just about any excuse to keep ourselves from taking a chance on a guy who MAY have charming qualities and force him to break through our walls to conquer our heart.

There is the ever convenient “I am completely focused on my career” reason.  You then have the ‘I enjoy coming and going as I please” excuse.  Finally, you have my personal and favorite wall of choice; “All men are scum and I really don’t feel like having my heart-broken all over again.”

The latter seems to be my motto now at days.  Up until recently I rather enjoyed my place behind the wall of bitterness and anger I had built.  I had grown so used to it that it wasn’t until my circle of friends pointed it out, that I realized how much one jerk had affected me.

To me, it was perfectly normal to turn down a guy when asked out because he would only end up on that list of regrets I keep in my head.  I delighted in every opportunity I had to be vicious to my number one mistake.  Then when that became boring, I turned my attention to every other guy because there really wasn’t a difference.  All Prince Charmings turn into the enemy eventually right?

It was in this discussion with my circle that I realized that if I ever wanted to get married and have kids (a fact that I repeatedly state nearly every day) I was going to have to get over it.  I was going to have to stop being angry and keep the bitterness level to a minimum.

However, I really don’t exactly trust myself to make an intelligent decision when it comes to letting a potential “Prince” in.  Afterall, I managed to let the same mistake in my heart twice!  I also don’t completely trust myself to not run in the other direction the moment someone shows interest.  Which is where my little experiment comes to play…