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Nothing tastes as sweet as drinks on a Friday night.  It’s like every fiber of your body KNOWS that the work week is over and it’s time to celebrate the best you can.

Last Friday Ella, Adrianna and my other good friend Justine enjoyed a happy hour that lasted for about seven hours.  In that span of time, a lot of subjects came up.  The big one though was “When to Meet the Parents.”

Justine and her boyfriend have started to make plans to meet each other’s families.  Ella has already met her boyfriend’s mom.

When the question was raised about my thoughts on when a guy should meet my family, I laughed and said

“When we get engaged.”

I realize that this is an unpopular view of it.  But really?  My family is MY family and I really don’t think it’s right to bring someone into MY dynamic if they aren’t going to stick around.  It’s just cruel.

For example, my mother gets VERY EXCITED with the prospect of me dating anyone.  If I tell her they don’t have tattoos, she starts wanting to celebrate.  If I tell her they wear a suit and have their own house, she’s ready to plan the wedding.  She really is like a kid with a new puppy.

When it doesn’t work out it’s a mess.

What about me meeting his?  Why put me through the stress of it all if there is no guaranteed future in it?

Then we got on the subject of significant others meeting friends.

I am all for my friends introducing me to their boyfriends.  I enjoy meeting the newest member of our circle.  Them meeting any of my new boyfriends?  Eh, I’m a bit iffy.

Why? BECAUSE MY FRIENDS ARE MINE!  I really don’t want to share them. It’s like an invasion of everything I hold dear.

Even as I write this I already know how bizarre this is.  I know it’s really great when a guy wants you to meet his mom.  I know how fun it is when you and your boyfriend hang out in a group with his friends and yours.

You know what isn’t fun? Having to deal with the fact that you are all now in a shared circle. What if I really got along with his friends?

As I said before, this is all really the opinion of someone who is beyond frustrated with men.  I’m positive that this is some sort of defense mechanism that Dr. Phil would have a field day with.

However, for now, until a ring is on my finger I doubt he’ll be meeting my family.  Within six months of dating, he can meet my friends.

All the above is sort of moot though isn’t it?  There is no guy to meet my family or friends, probably because of the guys that consistently talk to me.

Ella and I were at this place on the upper east side with live music.  Within five minutes of our arrival, I spot a cute guy and point him out to Ella.  Well before she can push me in that direction I notice that he and his friends are swarming over this model type blonde girl.

Do you know who approached me?

This guy who was my height (five foot one) who, while trying to make conversation with me, failed to remember I was with my friend.  Note for guys, if you don’t have a wingman don’t neglect the friend.  Then, to make matters worse, he started telling me how he didn’t live here but how he LOVED New York and would want to move here some day.

I hate New York and want to leave some day.

I’ve decided to take a mini break and just rest from Monday to Thursday because this is ridiculous.  I must be giving off some sort of vibe that attracts a certain type.  Can it be gotten rid of with bleach?