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Due to Mother Nature’s mission to drown New York, my happy hour experiment was turned into a continuation of the day’s topic; “Deal Breakers”.

Everyone preparing to go into dating battle has the long list of things they will not deal with.  Even if a potential mate has 90% of what you want, there could be one flaw that turns that relationship fatal.

Yesterday, my friend Carrie was telling me how at 23 her deal breaker list consisted of a guy wearing sandals, bald heads, not having a car, still living at home and being cheap.

Adrianna’s deal breaker is any guy who says his Hollywood equivalent is “the Hulk” because:

“In my experience that means he’s on steroids.  Come on! The Hulk?  Uncontrollable temper!”

My other friend, Ella, has mentioned on more than one occasion that inexperience and alcoholism are her two deal breakers.

Naturally this caused me to think of my own deal breakers. Some are probably ridiculous and could explain why I’m single.  Others will be on there till the day that my dating days are long behind me.   Below are my top ten deal breakers:

1. ***** For the love of everything holy, he cannot be an accountant.  Seriously, this is my number one.  I’d rather he be unemployed.  This isn’t even a joke.  I am surrounded by them all day long and either they have a serious case of workaholism OR they are striving to be workaholics.

2.  He can’t do drugs.  I don’t care if it’s “from the earth”.

3.  He can be close to his mother but there is a reason why they cut the cord the moment the guy popped out.  With that said, he can’t be a momma’s boy.

4.  I realize that for nearly a week of each month I’m not the most pleasant person to be around.  However, I can promise that I will try to never take out my frustrations on my guy.  This means if Mr. Wonderful is having a bad day at work, being snippy with me isn’t going to solve it.  Being an utter ASSHOLE isn’t going to make the jerk CEO any quicker.  For number 4, he can’t have mood swings that cause me to wonder if multiple personalities are at work.

5. Being needy isn’t attractive. I don’t need a guy to call me everyday and I don’t need to see him everyday.  BUT, I am not a winter coat either.  Please, sir, don’t adore me when it’s your off-season, your boys are out-of-town or you’re bored and then when everything changes, you can’t be bothered to even send a text. I guess the bottom line is that he can’t be clingy but he can’t be a dick either.

6. He can’t use ten-dollar words.  I love the fact a guy is intelligent but if you are throwing around random vocabulary to prove you can, shoot yourself.

7. He really should have a place of his own.  Living with mom when you are 30 is a turn off.  I realize that the economy is bad but that is what roommates are for.

8.  I know it seems silly but height is a deal breaker.  Under 5’8 and I get a bit iffy on everything.  Same thing with baldness. Oh! Also, having all your teeth is important as well.

9. He can’t be rude to my friends or family.  They were there LONG before him and a guy should remember that while THEY can’t be replaced, he could be in a heartbeat.

10.  ****He HAS TO have a balance in his life.  A guy can be ambitious about work but, dear GOD in Heaven, a happy hour every once in a while won’t be a set back on the corporate ladder.  Hanging out with the boys can be a lot of fun but does it really need to be everyday?  A hangover once in a while is fine but, Mr. Potential Prince Charming, it shouldn’t be a daily occurence.

Which ones do you agree with?  Which ones do you find utterly humorous? List your deal breakers below and let’s see how everyone’s list compares.