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I readily admit I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to men, but my number one issue is that there seems to be a real lack of chivalry these days.  Men don’t give up their seat on the train (nevermind the fact that if you would stop pretending you have the Rock of Gibraltar between your legs, there would be enough space for the both of us), they don’t politely as us to dance and they don’t approach us ladies anymore.

My friend Adrianna and I were discussing this at Naples 45 last week.  (click here for my review http://www.singlegirlsguidetonewyork.wordpress.com ) After looking to further our experiment and seeing nothing of appeal, she began telling me how guys don’t ever approach her.  According to her the men around her don’t take any initiative to even say hello.

Adrianna, who missed her calling of being a model, can’t get a guy to grow a pair and be a man.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this complaint.  It’s as if all men collectively decided to sit back and let us do EVERYTHING.  Is it not enough that females have to carry a baby for nine months?  Do men think it’s a hoot to have to squeeze a watermelon through the eye of a needle?  When did all the MEN turn into MAN-CHILDREN?

I then thought back to all my relationships.  Every guy that I have ever been involved with has always needed me to guide them in the direction of asking me out.  To be clear, it wasn’t a matter of trickery.  It was more like suttle letting them know I liked them so they would know they wouldn’t get turned down.

Really?  Shouldn’t this be the sort of thing you get over in grade school?

I get being insecure, I get being afraid of rejection, but if you never take the shot how will you know if you’ll get the girl or not? I completely understand that in a relationship it’s a give and take but guess what?  That first give should be in a man’s court.

If a man’s expectation is to have the librarian and the sex kitten rolled into one, then why do women have to take that initial step as well?!

If you’re a girl, please tell me your opinion on why men don’t take that first step and if you’re a man, can you break it down because all females are over practically clubbing you in the head and taking you to the woman cave.