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If a person were to get into a car accident and break both legs, wouldn’t they need a bit of physical therapy to get them back on their feet?  I think a broken heart is no different.

With that said I’ve proposed an experiment to my friends who jumped on it with the same enthusiasm that Mr. Burns had when blocking out the sun in Springfield.

Since, I do not trust myself to NOT find yet another wolf in sheep’s clothing, I decided to leave my love life in the capable hands of my closest confidants. From now until the end of the summer, one day after Labor Day to be exact, my friends will have complete control over my romantic life.  This means that I will be completely at their mercy for two reasons; to get cure myself of my disdain for the male species and to entertain you folks at home.

Rules of the Experiment

1) When out on a girl’s night aka “on the prowl”, every girl will be on the look out for a potential guy for me. If i agree that guy is attractive, it’s time to approach.

2) When it comes to a guy being attractive, I am told I HAVE to keep an open mind.  “Not every guy is going to look like Gerard Butler.”  Also, if I see someone who I think is attractive I MUST be honest and acknowledge it.

3) If on date one I still have a semi attraction to him, I am committed to at least THREE dates.  Apparently, after date one I cut them off at the knees before retreating to an evening of “The Notebook” and Jack Daniels.

4) I am to understand that “I’m working late” doesn’t necessarily mean “I’m a workaholic that is going to treat you like a winter coat and ONLY pay attention to you when it’s off-season.”  This goes hand in hand with “You can’t punish an innocent guy because your ex was an ignorant dick”.

5) I am to trust my friends COMPLETELY and hope that they do not choose another regret.

Every date, every mishap, every night out will be documented and open for discussion.  This should be an interesting few months, don’t you think?